Former US President Bill Clinton is known the world over for his diplomatic skills but even he came up short when trying to negotiate the return of one of the most well-known bands of all time.

CBS' 60 Minutes Overtime programme said on Monday evening that Clinton was given the task of persuading the remaining members of Led Zeppelin to reunite for the Superstorm Sandy benefit concert in New York. Sadly though, old Bill was unsuccessful in his efforts.

David Saltzmann of the Robin Hood Foundation and famed film executive Harvey Weinstein visited Clinton in Washington to implore him to make the plea to the band, where the band was for an awards ceremony.

Clinton is famed for his persuasive nature but not even the golden-tongued Arkansas native was able to persuade Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones to get back on the stage together.

Led Zeppelin last performed a one-off concert in London in 2007 and have resisted numerous pleas for a world tour ever since.