Considering the United Kingdom's dismal performance in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, you would assume that the only way is up for 2022.

Luckily, they have a well-known name who has expressed interest in helping them restore their national pride after their 'nul points' , although he's not exactly known for his musical output.

True, comedian Bill Bailey does use music heavily in his stand-up sets, but thus far a number one hit has evaded him.

Perhaps that'll all change in 2022, as Bailey - who also won last year's 'Strictly Come Dancing', as you may remember - has said that he is writing a song for the UK, after announcing on Twitter that he would "be happy to throw my hat in the ring" after the recent contest.

It looks like he's already mad progress, too. “Yes, do you know what? I was writing [a Eurovision song] today,” he said on the BAFTAs red carpet on Sunday night. "This very day… because I just thought, why not? Come on, we’ve not been doing well lately."

He added: “It couldn’t have gone worse,” referring to James Newman's result. “We need to inject a bit of fun, I think.”

Fancy writing one for us, too, Bill? You've already got The Edge's shtick down pat...

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