It wouldn't pay to be a vegetarian if you work for Beyoncé.

It seems that the star's crew are meat-lovers through and through, if the tab she ran up with one Manchester butcher shop last week is anything to go by.

Before it reached Croke Park at the weekend, the Formation tour stopped off at Old Trafford in Manchester, where butchers WH Frost report that they fulfilled a huge order for Bey and her crew that consisted of "200 chicken thighs, 140 chicken supremes, 100 boneless and skinless chicken fillets, and 200 gammon steaks."

They say that the total came to £1000 (€1182), which makes for a hell of a barbeque (or a BEY-B-Q, if you will) - and for dessert, it's been reported that she hired a dozen ice cream vans to be parked around the backstage area. We're assuming that the beverage of choice was lemonade (sorry).

However, it sounds like the butcher, Lee Frost, is already a bit sick of the attention...