By now, you'll probably have had time to fully digest Beyonce's latest album over the two weeks since its release.

However, the 'Renaissance' promo push is far from over - as we all know that the pop icon's visual aesthetic is almost as important as her musical one.

With no videos from the album released so far, fans have been expecting something to drop any day, and in recent days Beyonce has teased a clip from what is presumed to be the video of the album's opening track 'I'm That Girl'.

It's the first visual component of what many are expecting to be a whole series of videos to accompany the album.

Halfway through the clip - which sees Bey in various styles, scenes and poses, from a bar with a horse, to cooking eggs in a '70s-style kitchen - a black title card reads: 'act i: renaissance' followed by '1. I'm That Girl' as the song continues to play.

Could she be about to drop a whole new visual album, a la 'Lemonade'?

Watch the teaser below: