If you take a cursory glance at literally anything that the Church of Scientology does, you'll know it's some murky stuff.

Because of that, it definitely causes you to reassess how you view people when they're a Scientologist. For example, Elisabeth Moss? The brilliant star on 'The Handmaid's Tale' and loads of other cool stuff? She's a Scientologist. Laura Prepon from 'That '70s Show' and 'Orange Is The New Black' more recently? Also a Scientologist.

Another high-profile Scientologist was musician Beck, who actually revealed himself as one in a famous interview with Ireland's Sunday Tribune way back in 2005. He's regularly sung its praises in TV interviews, too, so it's a bit odd that he's now all of a sudden claiming he's not connected to it at all.

The news comes in a recent interview Beck did with the Sydney Morning Herald, where he was pretty unequivocal about the whole thing. "I think there’s a misconception that I am a Scientologist. I’m not a Scientologist. I don’t have any connection or affiliation with it," Beck said.

Of course, Beck's father, composer David Campbell, was a Scientologist and up until quite recently, Beck was married to actor Marissa Ribisi, twin sister of Giovanni Ribisi, who are both Scientologists. Beck's theory, and it's a poor one at that, is that people thought that he was one because of his father and his ex-wife.

No, Beck. Everyone thought you were one because you said it in front of a journalist who then accurately transcribed what you said. That's why people thought that.