After years of legal battles between Apple Inc., the Beatles management company Apple Corp and label EMI, the Beatles back catalogue is finally available to download digitally through iTunes.

Yesterday, Apple placed a teaser on its homepage, picturing four clocks with times for California, New York, London and Toyko, with the headling, "Tomorrow is just another Day. That You'll Never Forget". As negotiations on the Beatles/iTunes deal were known to be coming to a close, many rightly concluded that this meant the Fab Four's back catalogue would finally be available from the world's biggest online music retailer.

Earlier this afternoon, the announcement finally came. Now you can purchase any tune from the Beatles back catalogue from just 99 cent. Meanwhile, each of the band's twelve studio albums are selling at €12.99 while a number of other collections are also on sale.

Sir Paul McCartney made a statement of satisfaction about the development.
"It's fantastic to see the songs we originally released on vinyl receive as much love in the digital world as they did the first time around."

Meanwhile Ringo added, "I'm particularly glad to no longer be asked when the Beatles are coming to iTunes."

Yep, we're pretty glad we won't have to hear about it anymore too.