The Beastie Boys were set to release new album 'Hot Sauce Committee Part I' in September of last year, until Adam "MCA" Yauch was diagnosed with cancer of his parotid gland and lymph node. The band decided to postpone the release of the album, as well as all their tour plans while Yauch underwent treatment.

Now, the Beasties have announced via their official website that, while Part I will continue to be delayed indefinitely, they will release 'Hot Sauce Committee Part II' on schedule in Spring 2011.

Yauch previously told Drowned in Sound, "Part 2 is pretty much done. Part 1 had too many songs, so we recorded some more ... which sounds bizarre but it actually worked out because it made it clear to us which songs were going to be on [the first record]. Then we had this whole other album of songs."

He admitted the two records will have very different sounds, and said that the new material is "a combination of playing and sampling ... some pretty obscure records. There are a lot of songs on the record and there are a lot of short songs and they kind of all run into each other."

The Beastie Boys were also recently nomination for induction in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.