The music video for 'Sabotage' is widely regarded as one of the very best music videos of all time, and now the loving send-up to 70s cop shows is being replicated in action figure form.

The Beastie Boys' visages from the famous 1994 music video have been turned into action figures, with pre-orders open now from Super7.

The video features saw the iconic rap group in a spoof of 1970s crime dramas, with the late, great MCA as "Nathan Wind" as "Cochese" Ad-Rock as "Vic Colfari" playing "Bobby, ‘The Rookie'," and Mike D as "Alasondro Alegré" playing '"The Chief.'”

The set of figures comes complete with each member of the group donning bad mustaches and sunglasses to complete the 1970s pastiche, along with donuts and walkie-talkies.

If you want to complete the set, the set will set you back $60 plus shipping, but for any self-respecting fan of rap music, it's worth the investment.

Directed by Spike Jonze, the video for 'Sabotage' secured 5 nominations at the 1994 MTV Music Video Awards, but controversially went home empty-handed on the night.

MTV realised their mistake, and in 2009 the ceremony presented the group with an award for "Best Video (That Should Have Won A Moonman)".

Jonze went on to have a career as an Oscar-winning screenwriter, boasting films like 'Being John Malkovich' and 'Her' in his filmography, and returned to the world of Beastie Boys in 2020 by directing Apple TV documentary 'Beastie Boys Story'.

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle cited the music video for 'Sabotage' as an influence on his 1996 breakout film 'Transpotting', while comedy legend Amy Poehler said the video was a major influence on the likes of 'Anchorman' and comedy troupe The Lonely Island.

'Sabotage' served as the lead single for the groups' 1994 album 'Ill Communication', and was a hit across Europe in 1994.

The group recently marked 30 years since their landmark album 'Paul's Botique' was released with a new vinyl issue of their album, and the New York City Council honoured the group by renaming a street corner on Lower East Side "Beastie Boys Square".