It seems like this Spice Girls reunion is becoming less conceivable by the day, and the latest news won't fill fans with confidence, either.

At least three of the girl band's members were gung-ho for a reunion in 2016, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut single 'Wannabe' conquering the world.

Now, amidst rumours of problems (not least the fact that Posh and Sporty have opted out), Mel B aka Scary Spice has said that the reunion has been pushed back to 2017 due to logistical reasons.

She said on US TV show 'Live with Kelly' yesterday: "This is the thing: it's our 20th anniversary this year - this would be the perfect year. But places get booked out, so what we're hopefully doing is planning on doing something to celebrate next year."

She added: "It's something that we want to do and it'd be nice to celebrate and give thanks to all the fans. I'm not getting any younger. Let's hurry up and get this done."

She was not asked about the rumours, however, that Sporty and Posh were being replaced for the tour.