It was always somewhat inevitable with everything that's going on, but it's still disappointing for fans.

Adele got everyone very excited earlier this year when she casually announced that the follow-up to '25' would be released in September.

However, that plan has now been scrapped, as her manager revealed in June that it was not finished and "it'll be ready when it's ready". "I can’t put a date on that yet," said Jonathan Dickins. "We have music, but we’re still working.”

Now Adele herself has confirmed that she is still in the dark about plans for the album. A fan asked "Adele where’s the album?" on Instagram the other day, and she simply replied: "I honestly have no idea."

Of course, she could shock us all with a surprise-release a la Taylor Swift, but that's unlikely considering how Adele's audience differs slightly; it's older than Swift's and a long lead-in to the album's release, with lots of promo, is more likely.

If things had been different, Adele probably would have been preparing to announce a huge tour built around the album's September release date, and perhaps - like '25' - one that even began in Ireland. Unfortunately, we might be waiting a while for that - but let's hope that we at least hear some new music before then.