US R&B singer Ciara had one of her more memorable live appearances last weekend at LA Pride. You see, Ciara (pronounced 'see-ara' and not, y'know, 'key-ra') cancelled a scheduled appearance at another Los Angeles gay bar much to the chagrin of the promoters.

The Factory in West Hollywood are suing Ciara for breach of contract after she backed out of the show. Ciara's representatives maintain that they gave The Factory advance notice of her withdrawal, but they continued to promote and market the show in full knowledge that Ciara had backed out.

Anyway, fast forward to the LA Pride performance, and Ciara was in the middle of her set when she was passed papers by a member of the audience before dropping them on stage and walking away.

In a statement, Ciara's people said: "Ciara's commitment to perform at L.A. Gay Pride on Saturday night prevented her from making such a Friday night appearance. Despite being notified early last week that Ciara could not appear, The Factory continued to market and promote Ciara's appearance. The reason for the continued marketing/promotion is unclear, as it is not known why The Factory would intend to continue to mislead the public, to cause damage to the L.A. Gay Pride festival and to attempt to portray Ciara in a negative light."