Avril Lavigne is clearly not someone to be trifled with, if her appearance at the Juno Awards is anything to go by.

The 'Sk8r Boi' singer was on stage to introduce a performance at the Canadian music awards ceremony when a woman wearing pink trousers climbed on stage.

It seems that the protestor was taking a stand against the planned Ontario Greenbelt project, with 'Save the Greenbelt' and 'Land Back' written on her arms, while pasties covered her nipples.

While Lavigne tried her best to keep her composure and keep reading the teleprompter, she eventually lost patience and shouted 'Get the fuck off!' as a security guard eventually removed the protester, repeating 'Get the fuck off, bitch!' as the crowd applauded.

Lavigne herself later collected a Fan Choice award at the ceremony, joking about the stage invasion on Twitter: