Irish fans will be hoping that this Tuesday and Wednesday's Bruce Springsteen gigs in the RDS don't end in the same way that his Hyde Park show at the weekend did. The Boss had ignored the 10.30pm curfew and invited Paul McCartney up on stage for an historic duet in front of thousands of cheering fans. The next thing you know, Hyde Park pull the plug and silence momentarily fills the arena before being interrupted by the protests of those in attendance.

"English cops may be the only individuals left on earth that wouldn't want to hear one more from Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney!", joked E Street Band (and Soprano's cast-member) Steve Van Zandt.

Springsteen and McCartney had played two Beatles songs - 'I Saw Her Standing There' and 'Twist and Shout' - before the power was cut prompting Van Zandt to express his disappointment further: "We break curfews in every country but only English cops need to 'punish us' by not letting us leave until the entire crowd goes. I'm sorry, I have to be honest, I'm pissed."

The microphones were turned off before the band had an opportunity to thank the crowd.

A similar 10.30pm curfew is in effect for the RDS shows and, last time Springsteen was in Dublin, his fines playing later than allowed by the term of the license was upwards of €50,000.