Having announced back in 2007 that they would no longer release songs in the conventional sense, Ash have developed a unique and ambition plan for the next twelve months. They will release no less than 26 singles, on cd, vinyl and digitally, at intervals of just two weeks. The series of releases, entitled the 'A-Z Series,' will kick off in Sepetmeber with the release of "True Love1980."

In anticipation of the series, they are also offering a free download of "Return of White Rabbit." The song was released yesterday (20th) and can be downloaded from the band's official website, Ash-official.com.

Frontman Tim Wheeler spoke to NME about the scheme:
"We wanted to be the first people to do it like this...This is a time when you can try new ideas and it can work...There's a great Andy Warhol quote about how waiting for something makes it more exciting. I think it'll be great for our fans waiting every two weeks knowing they're going to get a song and wondering what it'll be like. It'll be fun."