With the advent of digital music one of the elements to have been left behind somewhat is the album cover. The relationship between the listener and an album used to be strong, with some of the classic album covers over the years being held in the highest esteem and works of art in their own right - a suitable companion to the music contained within its packaging. Nowadays that link is less strong and even the biggest music fans nowadays would be hard pushed to name a contemporary album cover that has the same level of recognition of a 'Nevermind' or a 'Never Mind The Bollocks' or the myriad of other iconic album images from over the years.

Flickr user Harvezt has come up with a novel twist on some classic album covers, though. Messing with your perception, he has retooled a host of classic covers to show you what they'd look like from a different perspective. And it's AWESOME. See below.