Following the untimely death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, the 'No Tears Left To Cry' singer confirmed the news while tweeting a fan. 

Ariana Grande has decided to step back from the music industry for the moment. The news comes after the singer uploaded the "official video" for her new single 'breathin' to YouTube, which features three minutes and 18 seconds of her and fiancee Pete Davidson's pet pig. Grande also dropped out of 'Saturday Night Live' a couple weeks ago, to be replaced last minute by Kanye West

Grande responded to the fan, who said the music video was "a joke and lazy", by saying "been thru hell and back and I'm doing my best to keep going. Thought this would make you laugh while you wait for the real one bc I took a break to take care of myself for a lil while": 


The fan who tweeted Grande, @softieaurora, has since deleted their Twitter account after the backlash they received from Grande's supporters. Fans have been tweeting lots of support towards Grande ever since the news of Miller's death broke, and are hoping that the star returns to music with a full bill of health soon:






The cute little star of the music video 'breathin' can be seen below: