With all this talk of Oasis potentially getting back together in 2017 and also potentially playing Glastonbury as one of their comeback gigs, it's easy to dismiss other potential big reunions that might happen.

One of them is The Kinks, and in this case, the rumour has come straight from the horse's mouth.

Ray Davies told The Sun that he and his brother Dave - who he has had a turbulent relationship with over the years - will 'definitely work together again' and that they 'want to play live'.

The pair played 'You Really Got Me' together together last December at Ray's London gig, so it seems that their frosty relationship might be thawing - so much so, that he has suggested that Glastonbury might be on the cards.

"Maybe The Kinks could play Glastonbury," he said. "And it's an idea we are very willing to get behind, quite frankly. Your move, Michael Eavis."

There's no question that the band would go down a treat in the Sunday afternoon 'legends' slot - but will it happen?