The rumour mill has gone into overdrive over the last day or two, since Kesha posted a mysterious clue to Instagram about her new collaborator - especially since most people reckon she's talking about Taylor Swift.

The 'Tik-Tok' singer, who has been through some difficult times over the last few years due to her ongoing legal battles with Sony and producer Dr. Luke, dropped a big hint yesterday about her new song, captioning the below photo: "making a FUCK OFF song with a casual Grammy award winning secret person ✨✨☄☄☄â­Â?ï¸Â?â­Â?ï¸Â?â­Â?ï¸Â?â­Â?ï¸Â?â­Â?ï¸Â? 🦄🦄🦄 I got a good feeling about this one ......."

Of course, she could be talking about any number of Grammy winners - but Swift has publicly come out in support of Kesha in the past, so the pair are well acquainted.


Swift has been very quiet of late, particularly since her very public spat with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and the whole 'Hiddleswiftgate' fiasco - but according to her pal Gigi Hadid, she is "starting to go back to work in the studio”.

Sounds like a 'fuck off' duet is what both of them need right now...