We knew the Arcade Fire boys and girls were a little odd, but this is really out there.

To promote their new album ‘Everything Now’, the band have been releasing a series of weird tweets and posts that have left fans a little perplexed.

Amongst other things they have sold Kylie and Kendall Jenner shirts, instituted a ‘dress code’ at one of their gigs and flogged $109 fidget spinners on their website.

The fact that the album went to number one, and we’re still talking about their goofy antics, means it was a successful campaign. But they didn’t stop there.

They’ve released this apology via Twitter in which they blame ‘Tannis Wright’ and the ‘Everything Now Corporation’ for the campaign and for offending some fans:


Turns out neither Tannis Wright nor the Everything Now Corporation actually exist. So, it’s just another bizarre publicity stunt.



Via Uproxx