If you've been waiting impatiently for new Arcade Fire material, today's your lucky day: you can hear a whole album-length song at once.

The Canadian band's last album was 'Everything Now' in 2017, and apart from a cover of 'Baby Mine' that was featured on the 'Dumbo' soundtrack in 2019, they have not released anything new since.

However, it seems that Win Butler and co. have been working on their sixth album during lockdown and played a new song, 'Generation A', on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last November.

Now - as if to compensate for the prolonged wait for new material - they have released a new instrumental song called 'Memories of the Age of Anxiety' and it's no less than 45 minutes long.

The album-length song makes sense in the context of its release, however - it's for the meditation and sleep app, Headspace.

The song is part of a 'Focus' playlist curated by John Legend and is described as "meditative vibes to help you focus and feel inspired".

Unfortunately, the full track can only be heard via Headspace - but you can hear a brief snippet of it via their Instagram below: