The massively anticipated new release from Canadian rockers Arcade Fire is just around the corner. The band's follow-up to 2010's The Suburbs will be released in October, as revealed in a tweet to a fan over the weekend.

Responding to a tweet from a fan praising the band, they replied by saying: "Thanks. Our new album will be out October 29th."

Better yet, the album was worked on by LCD Soundsystem supremo James Murphy, who told the Daily Star: "The album is going to be great. I'm too in the middle of it to know which way it will go in the end. But it's going to be a fantastic record."

"They are so good they could produce themselves, so my role in the band depends on the song", Murphy continued. "Sometimes I'm going around making suggestions and playing instruments, other times I'm just helping the arrangements. We feel like part of each other's bands because we toured a lot over the years."

Consider us intrigued here in entertainment towers. A James Murphy/Arcade Fire combination is pretty much the stuff of dreams...