It helped to revolutionise the music industry in the early noughties, but iTunes is being replaced.

Launching in 2001, iTunes was a novel way for music fans to access their collection. However, as technology has advanced and with the focus on streaming more emphasised, Apple are shuttering their landmark media player.

The tech giants are replacing iTunes with three apps - Apple Music, Podcasts and Apple TV+.

The announcement, which had been expected for some time, was made during Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference yesterday.

If you're worried that your iPod (yes, we still have one) will now become obsolete, don't be - you'll still be able to access your library sync your music via a cable.

Eventually, Apple Music will focus on music (duh), Podcasts on podcasts (duh), while movies and TV content will be moved to Apple TV+. Their TV streaming service to rival Netflix etc. is being launched this autumn.

The iTunes app will likely remain on new Apple devices for the next while, too, but will eventually be phased out and subsumed by the three aforementioned apps.