Let's be honest - most of us have taken out our phones at a gig to snap a picture or film a brief segment of the show (unless you're at a Don Henley gig, that is).

However, it's when you're at a gig that is potentially ruined by a sea of people holding their phones in the air, blocking your view and pretty much ruining the atmosphere that things start to get annoying.

Well, that era of annoying-people-with-phones-at-gigs could be nearing an end, thanks to new technology that has been developed by Apple.

They have been awarded the patent for a system that could be installed in venues that uses an infrared beam to temporarily disable the camera on your phone, as NME reports. This would leave your phone displaying a 'recording disabled' message, or a watermark or blur effect that would make the photo or video unwatchable.

It would also possibly have a major effect on the film industry, in terms of piracy.

What do you think - would you welcome this camera-disabling technology at gigs or performances, or does it impinge on your right to film whatever you want to film?