As friendships go, this is a pretty unlikely one.

However, it seems that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Irish musician Hozier have been hanging out together while the former is in Dublin.

Cook is in town to receive an award today from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar that celebrates 40 years of Apple's investment in Ireland (what's a €14 billion tax bill between friends?)

But the businessman, who of course took over as CEO of the company after Steve Jobs died, spent part of yesterday hanging out with Hozier at Camden Recording studio in Dublin City Centre.

He shared a picture of their meeting on Twitter:

Hozier in turn replied: "Careful now, I might hold you to that! Pleasure to meet and chat to you today about music, thanks for joining me at @camdenrecording. Safe travels."

It's not clear whether Hozier has ever recorded in the studio (which is co-owned by Bressie and Niall Horan, FYI) - but when has a minor detail like that ever got in the way of a good photo opp?

And now that he's shook the right hands, can we expect to hear a Hozier song on a forthcoming Apple ad...?