Ok Go have done it again, with yet another viral video becoming an overnight smash on YouTube. The video for their new single 'White Knuckles' uses the Chicago band's now customary formula of a choreographed single take, but this time harnesses some canine power to make it all the more adorable.

Following on from OK Go videos like 'Here It Goes Again', 'A Million Ways', and most recently 'End Love', 'White Knuckles' experience an astonishing 1million hits on YouTube in its first 24 hours, and now stands at over 2million.

Frontman Damian Kulash spoke to NME about the video.
"It took 124 takes. There were many more starts and stops but we actually have slates for 124 full takes. The video you see is one whole take and what you see is all take 72."

"It's mind boggling ... I don't think the brain is wired for comprehending those kind of numbers. Last night it was 100,000 hits and I woke up this morning with it being like over 1 million."

Kulash also admitted that their next viral video is coming just around the corner this November.