The Killers are shrinking in number by the day - not great timing for a band on the verge of releasing a new album.

With just weeks to go until 'Wonderful Wonderful' is unleashed upon the world, the Brandon Flowers-led rockers have announced that guitarist Dave Keunig is temporarily leaving the band because he wants a break from touring.

It follows on from bassist Mark Stoermer's decision last year to also quit touring, although like Keunig, he has and will continue to contribute to the recording process.

They revealed Keunig's departure via a message posted to social media last night that said 'Worry not, we will not be performing as a two-piece.... As Dave announced to Q magazine, he will be taking a break from touring to spend time with his family. We respect his decision, just as we respected Mark's decision to go back to college'.

Touring members Ted Sablay and Jake Blanton will continue to tour with the band in the departed members' place, although not all fans are happy about that fact: