Drumroll please....


Yes, Richie Egan and co. have beat down competition from The Script, Lisa Hannigan, Oppenheimer, Mick Flannery, Halfset, R.S.A.G, Fight Like Apes, Messiah J & The Expert and David Holmes to walk away with the award for Best Irish Album of 2008.

Jape released Ritual, his third album of electronic rock tunes, back in May to massively positive reviews. On picking up his award Egan admitted that his mother thought Mick Flannery was sure to win the prize, quoting her to the audience's delight (thick Dublin accent and all) as saying "You were good, Richie, but he was gorgeous". Before leaving the stage with his deservedly delighted cohorts, he advised struggling musicians to keep following their hearts, proclaiming "It's better to be a sinking ship, than a rat jumping off a sinking ship."

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