Anastacia Newkirk has never exactly been one of life's shrinking violets. Since fighting - and winning - breast cancer last year, however, she sounds more like the new Tina Turner than ever. The leather-lunged diva literally roars her way through these epic songs of emotional turbulence, letting us know in no uncertain terms that she's back and ready to take on the world again. There's a couple of ballads too, but you're better off skipping them - next to all the defiant rockers, they sound positively weedy. With plenty of uplifting, life-affirming anthems and foot-stomping choruses, this impressive album confirms Anastacia as one of the most powerful singers in the business. But if ever there was a record that should be taken in small doses, it's this one - listen to it all in one go and you'll feel in serious need of a lie down.