We haven't seen this level of musician-related mania since #GarthGate - but here's hoping that this one turns out better for all involved.

Ed Sheeran is playing three dates in the New Zealand city of Dunedin this weekend - a rare occurrence for the small city, which rarely sees such mega-stars passing through - and to say that they have taken the ginger singer to their bosoms is a bit of an understatement.

There's a weekend-long festival in the works that will involve special licences granted to pubs and restaurants to serve alcohol on the previously-restricted Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

A giant mural of Sheeran's face has also been painted at a cost of $8000 NZ (€4,600), bakeries have been baking special Ginger-Ed Men for the occasion, restaurants have special Sheeran-themed menus, the airport has temporarily altered its signage and there's even a passenger train being renamed the Easter Ed Express to transport the 100,000 fans that will be attending the three gigs.

However, while it may sound like a dream to Sheerios, not everyone is happy - particularly about the cost of the mural, with one local complaining: “Still don’t think he’s got enough relevance to be plastered on a wall and then charged to the taxpayers." Another member of local band The Chills said: "Ed, for all his qualities, seems like an unusual choice. I do think something like this is better spent celebrating local arts.”


H/T: The Guardian