We supposedly live in a world of free speech - unless you factor One Direction into the equation. 

Where the boyband is concerned, take it as fact that we live in a totalitatian society where criticism of Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall or Zayn will NOT be tolerated and will be punished... by those who call themselves 'Directioners.'

A Australian radio DJ by the name of Ash London found that out the hard way by referring to Louis Tomlinson's new beard as 'ratty' while , while her co-hosts/guests made the grave error of suggesting that he's the "least popular one" and "the guy with the smaller face with the short brown hair."

The wrath of Directioners soon came down upon them (via Twitter) - so much so that London was forced to make her Twitter private for a while to deal with the abuse and is now 'taking a break' from social media.

Even Tomlinson himself showed some sympathy for her...


See below for an example of how mental things got:

We feel your pain, Ash. We've been the victims of hysterical fans in the past, too.

Hear the 'offending' comments below: