An album of rare, unreleased songs by Michael Jackson is going up for auction this month and is expected to fetch up to $1 million.

The collection, which was found as a blank disc in Jackson's possession when he died and labelled with the word 'Bible', contains twelve tracks. Three of them are alternate mixes of songs that appeared on the posthumous collection 'Michael' in 2010, but the nine other songs - titled 'Stay', 'Everything's Just Fine', 'Black Widow', 'Burn Tonight', 'All I Need', 'Water', 'Let Me Fall in Love', 'Ready to Win' and 'Soldier Boy' - have never been heard.

The opening bid at the auction, which is run by Gotta Have Rock and Roll (the same auction that will sell the Madonna/Tupac letter that was recently in the news), is $50,000, but it's expected to go for up to $1 million.

However, there's a catch - whoever buys the CD will not own the rights to the music, so they will not be able to distribute it or make a profit on it.

If your budget doesn't stretch that far, other MJ items include clothing, his 'personally-owned teddy bear' and hand-drawn self portraits.