Lil Wayne is not having a good week. Not only did he plead guilty to felony gun charges with sentencing to come down on February 9th, but have accidently leaked his forthcoming album 'Rebirth'.

'Rebirth' has had a number of changes to its release date, and though it was due to be released this week, the date was pushed back once again until the new year. Someone in Amazon missed the memo, however, as 500 copies were sent out to fans who had pre-ordered the album.

The reason for the leak has been described as a "shipping mishap", and now tracks from the album are appearing all over the interweb, including a much talked about collaboration with Eminem, entitled 'Drop The World'.

According to the version of the album that was shipped by Amazon may not be the final version, in which case, they're sure to be worth a few bob. 'Rebirth' was initially supposed to be released back in April, and is now scheduled for its official release on January 29th... if you're lucky.