Happy Christmas! For those of you browsing through your new smartphones or tablets this morning we have taken time to give you an opportunity to road test your brand new device. And, for the day that in it, we've put together a brief playlist of some of our favourite, er, alternate Christmas songs. You won't find any 'Driving Home For Christmas' in here...

This definitely stands out as one of the more peculiar songs of Bob Dylan's career, as he croaks on about Santa Claus while wearing a Kim Basinger-style wig. This is the sort of thing that you can only get away with if you're Bob Dylan.


Now we're talking! This is pure Christmas joy, with two of the best voices in music history combining to spread some Christmas spirit, even if they way Bing and Bowie look at each other in between lines is just a little bit creepy.

Part Christmas song, part anti-Vietnam diatribe, John Lennon's Phil Spector-produced song has become a Christmas classic - even if the song's message might have become slightly diluted over the years.


Santa Bruce is coming to town! This song, which is familiar to all of us now, has achieved fame almost by mistake. Recorded initially as a b-side, this has gone on to become a Christmas classic. 

Another Christmas classic. The Beach Boys' 'Little Saint Nick' has managed the incredibly difficult feat of being not just a great Christmas song, but a great song in itself. Released in 1964, this has gone on to be held in the same regard as much of the Beach Boys' most well known tracks.