There's little doubt that today's Electric Picnic announcement has been the talk of the town since word filtered out this afternoon. Unless you've been living under a rock (read: not on Twitter today) you'll likely be well aware that this year's 10th anniversary of Electric Picnic will be headlined by the Arctic Monkeys, Bjork and Fatboy Slim.

Those who have ventured out to Stradbally in the past will know that Electric Picnic isn't all just about the bands playing - there's a whole heap of other activities and events to get your teeth into and we've noticed that a lot of you seem to be curious as to what sort of shape the Picnic will be in this year, so allows us to clear up some confusion below.

How much is it?

In celebration of its tenth birthday, ticket prices for Electric Picnic will range from €149.50 for a weekend pass depending on whether or not you've been before. Tickets will go on sale from 9am next Saturday morning. Not bad when you consider tickets last year were €250. Sunday tickets will once again be available for €85.

How do I prove I've been there before?

Ticketmaster have a record of anyone who's bought a ticket over the last seven years. These customers should receive an email containing a code which can be redeemed on the website. This will be in play until May 27th.

What if I changed my email address?

You can try other ways to prove that you've been to Electric Picnic before by getting in contact with [email protected] or Ticketmaster helpline 0818 903001.

What about the festival itself, will the Body & Soul area be back?

Yes it will! The heartbeat of Electric Picnic will be back in action again this year, offering hot tubs, sitting rooms, cafes, holistic treatments and therapies, art installations and, of course, its very own stage set in a naturally occurring grassy amphitheatre.

I trust there'll be spoken word, literary readings and such?

Yes, Mindfield will again be a part of Electric Picnic. The spoken word area has housed some of Electric Picnic's finest thought-provokery over the years and this year will be no different.

How can I concentrate on all these literary readings when I'm so hungry!?

Sounds like somebody needs to make their way over to the Theatre of Food, where you can act out practically any culinary fantasy imaginable!

So there's lots of music, theatre and food. What else?

Oh you're not satisfied yet? Well then maybe the Comedy Tent is more your thing. A steady stream of Picnicers set up shop here for practically the whole weekend. Side-splitting is guaranteed.

Dare we ask about booze?

Don't worry, you won't spend the weekend dry if you don't want to. Many a bar will be on hand, not to mention the Casa Bacardi with a selection of DJs pumping out tunes all weekend.

Okay, what else?

What else?! Sheesh, there's no satisfying some people. Well, the Trailer Park Stage was a big hit last year, so you'll once again be able to find that on the outskirts of the festival site. The Foot Hospital is exactly what you imagine it to be and The Salty Dog, one of Electric Picnic's most recognisable features, will throw down its anchor somewhere in the woods yet again.


Between 27th April – May 27th
Weekend Ticket: €149.50 - If you can prove you have attended three or more EPs
Weekend Ticket: €169.50 – If you can prove you have attended EP once before
Weekend Ticket: €189.50 – If you haven’t been before
Family Camping Weekend Ticket as above (2 kids U12 permitted per adult)
Sunday Day Tickets: €85.00 (No camping permitted)
Between May 28th – July 28th
Weekend Ticket: €189.50
After July 28th
Weekend Ticket: €229.50

Campervan Tickets for access to Regular & Family Campervan Parks are €60