Sometimes a band can creep up on you and before you even know their name, you inadvertently know their music. In this case, it's Bastille and the south London band's first album, Bad Blood, already has a punnet of songs that the most casual of music fans will already know and subconsciously like. One snippet of a song in the background of Hollyoaks ('Get Home'), The Vampire Diaries ('Oblivion') or Made in Chelsea ('Flaws') can stick with you, regardless of the drama and lustful glances onscreen.

'Pompeii' is the next single on their list that will lodge itself in your memory tracts. It welcomes you with monk-like chanting and it builds up to a frenzied and joyous chorus of 'eh-ohs' that will take you hostage. 'The Weight of Living Pt. II' and 'Icarus' display the multi-purpose nature of their upbeat songs. In one case, the lyrics are motivational and can soothe inward insanities and on the other hand, the rapturous delivery of every chorus will be catapulted to another level in a live setting.