It's like raaaaaaaain on your wedding day. It's like a free rideeeeeee when you've already paid. It's like getting ripped-off by your trusted managerrrrr to the tune of $5 millionnnnnnnnn....

OK, it might not be the most poetic lyric of all time - but nevertheless Alanis Morissette's former manager has admitted stealing almost $4.8 million (€4.5 million) from her during the years he was responsible for her finances.

Jonathan Schwartz, who worked for the Canadian singer from 2009 - 2016, also stole more than $2 million from other celebrity clients.

As the BBC report, he was charged with fraud although initially denied the allegation that he has transferred Morrisette's money into his own account, saying that "he had invested the money in an illegal marijuana growing business."

If convicted on criminal charges, he could face four to six years in prison. Morissette sued him and his company for $15 million in damages last year, but dropped the suit after a settlement was reached.

When asked to comment on the case, she optimistically said 'Life has a funny way of helping you out when you think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up in your fay-yace."*


*May not have actually said this