The Grammy award winner was performing for 'An Evening with Adele'. Amongst the many celebrities in attendance, Emma Thompson, asked her who had inspired her growing up.

The singer immediately mentioned her old English teacher, Miss McDonald who she hadn't seen since she was twelve.

"She was so bloody cool, so engaging. She made us care and we knew that she cared about us," she said, clearly getting emotional already about the effect her teacher had on her.

The real waterworks were turned on when it turned out that Miss McDonald was actually in the audience. She was invited up on stage to reunite with her former pupil.

Adele was shocked to see her, clearly not expecting it, "Oh you look exactly the same!"

The two hugged while the audience got quite emotional too. "You really did change my life," said the singer.

Things got a little too much for Adele however, and she was forced to make a break in order to "fix my face." Luckily for her, Alan Carr, ever the professional, was on hand to run on stage and do a quick number while she got herself ready.

Before she ran off, she turned to her band and said, "Play 'Make You Feel My Love' and get Alan to sing it." A request Carr was only too happy to oblige.

Adele was performing 'An Evening with Adele' which aired on ITV last night.