She may be a multi-millionaire and a huge global star, but Adele's down-to-earth demeanour means that she's a figure that many people find relatable.

That said, the London musician has discovered that people's goodwill  has a limit - as her latest social media post demonstrated.

The 'Hello' singer posted a photo of herself at the weekend to pay tribute to the Notting Hill Carnival, which would have taken place this past weekend but was cancelled due to public gathering restrictions in the UK.

The Carnival is generally a celebration of black British culture and is led by the British West Indian community, although it attracts 2.5 million people of all races and creeds to the streets of the West London area every year.

Many have slammed Adele's photo - which saw her wearing a Jamaican flag bikini with her hair in bantu knots - as cultural appropriation.

Others have criticised those who are complaining, saying that she was simply celebrating another culture in a positive way, and that 'woke' culture has gone too far.

So far, Adele herself has not commented on the kerfuffle.