Adele has scotched reports that she was involved in a heated altercation at the Grammy Awards at the weekend with Chris Brown. A picture of the two from the event (above), which appeared to show Adele admonishing Brown, went viral on Monday - but it seems that the picture didn't paint a thousand words in this case.

You might have heard by now that Chris Brown came under fire for his refusal to join a standing ovation for Frank Ocean, who beat him in one of the award's categories. This stems back a few weeks to when Brown and Ocean were allegedly involved in a brawl over a carpark spot (which is obviously more than enough to set Brown off).

Adele today took to Twitter to clear the air and stated that instead of giving Brown hell, as many would like to do, they were actually mutually complimenting each other.

Well, that's far less interesting isn't it? Let's just go with the original story.