The titles of Adebisi Shank's two albums may be fairly self explanatory, but their music isn't nearly as simple to grasp. Part of an expanding instrumental rock scene here in Ireland, the Wexford band are substantially more radical than most of their peers, blasting out their hard rock and electronic noise creations with furious aplomb.

While on their first album the noise was what left the most lasting impression, these compositions seem structurally more advanced, with raucous guitars, stylish effects and very occasional vocals skilfully interweaving to generate gripping musical patterns and designs. The frequent use of twisty, unnatural sounds often comes across like a less angst-fuelled Battles, while their grounding in heavy rock makes them resemble a technology-embracing ASIWYFA. In fact, the guitar on 'Genki Shank' is so synthesised sounding it's reminiscent of Daft Punk.

With a pace that almost unyieldingly frantic, the light airy feel and soft sounds of '(-_-)' branch into the realm of ambient electronica and make a perfect mid-point interlude. The predominantly aggressive tone, too, is broken by the quirky and playful 'Logdrum', and the altogether happier mood of 'Bones'. To put such a tangible level of personality and innovation into an instrumental record is a fine achievement.