After a very long build-up, ABBA's famous 'avatar' show dubbed 'Voyage' opened in London last week.

The four members of the legendary Swedish pop group turned up to the opening night of the event, which is running at a purpose-built arena in London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The show, as you may know, features Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Benny and Bjorn as 'avatars' (i.e. holograms, for want of a better word) performing with a 10-piece live band, which was put together by James Righton, formerly of new-rave band Klaxons.

The big question is - what have people been saying about it? Is it actually any good?

Here's what the reviews have been saying...

Variety gave the show a glowing review, saying that the avatars initially seemed 'a little too jerky', but "just as when you saw the initially-somewhat-unconvincing dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park” for the first time, your eyes adjust, the willing suspension of disbelief kicks in, and they begin to feel like living, breathing musicians, rather than the product of 160 motion capture cameras and one billion computing hours by Industrial Light & Magic."

NME gave the show a 5-star review, saying "Whatever sorcery this is, it works – and then some."

The Guardian also bestowed 5-stars upon the concert, calling it "jaw-dropping" and 'a triumph", and speculating that it will be copied by other acts in the future.

iNews called it "sublime, ridiculous, flawless and absolutely worth the wait."

The Financial Times was equally enthused, saying the show was "a blast."

The show runs in London until May 2023 - but with reviews like the above, you can expect that date to be pushed back...