The whole pandemic thing has thrown the music industry into disarray.

Concerts have been cancelled, festivals have been cancelled, album releases have been postponed, even the EUROVISION was cancelled.

And now, to top it all off, we're not getting the new ABBA songs that we were promised.

Although Bjorn Ulvaeus only recently said that new music would be coming this year - "I'm guessing after the summer", he said - plans to release those songs have now been put on hold because of the coronavirus. The band's 'hologram tour' has also been postponed.

'Reasons to Be Cheerful' podcast host Geoff Lloyd recently interviewed Ulvaeus and he confirmed the postponement - but said that the musician had 'promised' there would be new ABBA music in 2021.

"They’ve recorded five new songs,” he told The Independent. "Because of technical difficulties and the pandemic, it’s delayed things. But he promised me that the new ABBA music will be out in 2021.”

The songs were all recorded in 2018 and Ulvaeus previously described one as 'a pop tune, very danceable' and another as 'more timeless, reflective.'

In any case, we'll have to wait to hear them...