In one of the most accurate examples of life imitating art that we've ever heard of, a US rapper with a song called 'Sell Drugsz' has been jailed for... well, selling drugs.

Montana Millz, a rapper from Rhode Island whose real name is Michael Persaud, was sentenced to three years in prison for trafficking heroin and fentanyl after he and a female accomplice sold 70 bags of heroin to to an undercover police officer over a month-long period last year.

His hotel room was also searched and officers found heroin worth $11,500.

The rapper's other songs include 'Feds Watching', 'Groupies Hoes', 'Poppin Bottlez' and 'Armed and Dangerous'.

His lawyer, meanwhile, called the three-year sentence 'fair and just'. At least he'll have plenty of time to write new material.