Madonna's speech at the Women's March in Washington DC last weekend may have been rousing, but it hasn't gone down well with everyone.

Not only did Trump adviser Newt Gingrich suggest that the Material Girl should be arrested for her comments about wanting to 'blow up the White House', but now a radio station in Texas has made the decision to ban her from their playlist.

HITS 105 posted a statement from General Manager Terry Thomas on their Facebook page, saying: “Banning all Madonna songs at HITS 105 is not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of patriotism. It just feels wrong to us to be playing Madonna songs and paying her royalties when the artist has shown un-American sentiments. If all stations playing Madonna took their lead from us, that would send a powerful economic message to Madonna.”

Commenters weren't 100% welcoming of the statement, however, with one suggesting: "You have 600 likes and are just using Madonna for attention. Her remarks were on behalf of women’s rights, your ban is for a cheap ratings stunt. You are confusing patriotism with blind, partisan zeal and theatrics.”

Madonna has not responded personally, but we have a feeling her reply would be something along these lines...