What age is 'past it' when it comes to incorporating clubbing into your nightlife routine?

Well, a new study conducted by Currys PC World has revealed that most people reckon 37 is the limit for going out to a nightclub - so, if you were born in 1980 or before, it may be bad news.

As Mixmag report, the study also said that 31 is the age that people start to have enough with the idea of socialising altogether and prefer to stay in, instead.

The excuses listed by those who thought 37 was 'past it' ranged from not wanting to get "dressed up" (22 per cent), the hassle of arranging babysitters (12 per cent) and the hassle/expense of booking a taxi (21 per cent).

Matt Walburn of Currys PC World said: "The Great Indoors study recognises the fact that there comes a time when we appreciate our home comforts more than a hectic social life and it can often be a drag to play the social butterfly at parties and nights out.

"It's now almost impossible to get bored at home, with endless box sets and the latest technology, such as 4K TV, enhancing the in-house experience, so much, that it often surpasses its 'outdoor' equivalent.”

But can they make up for your lost youth?

What do you reckon - is 37 too old for clubbers?