Over the last few years, Fleetwood Mac have enjoyed a successful, unified spell as a band, touring the world and re-forging old alliances despite their infamously rocky past - Christine McVie even re-joined them in 2014.

A new album, however, seemed out of the question - but it might not be so implausible, according to comments made by Stevie Nicks in a new interview.

She told Billboard that she had learned to 'never say never', although the possibility of arguments within the band was always lurking in the background. The last Fleetwood Mac was 2003's 'Say You Will'.

"I learned a long time ago to never say never. Right now, because of the fact that we know that people don't buy records… it's like, hard to sell records," she said. "So then you think, 'Well, why do you do records?' Well, the reason you do records is because it's like we're like kids again, and we can do anything we want. We have enough money. We don't really have to work if we don't want to. So we can do records for the reason that we actually did them in the very beginning -- just 'cause it's fun."

She continued: "Is it possible that Fleetwood Mac might do another record? I can never tell you yes or no, because I don't know. I honestly don't know. … It's like, do you want to take a chance of going in and setting up in a room for like a year [to record an album] and having a bunch of arguing people? And then not wanting to go on tour because you just spent a year arguing? Or do you just go on tour because you know that you have fun up there and you love doing shows?

"So you start to weigh your… 'Why would you do this, why would you do that?' And I honestly don't know. But I never say never… that really is in God's hands.”