Last week a story on the more amusing end of the 'obsessive Taylor Swift fan' scale went viral after it was reported that a man had robbed a bank and flung the proceeds over the pop star's garden wall in a bid to impress her.

However, this one is infinitely more sinister.

Julius Sandrock, a 38-year-old man, was arrested outside Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills house on Saturday after trying to break in while wearing a mask and rubber gloves. He was in possession of a knife, a rope and live ammunition at the time.

Luckily, Swift was not home at the time. Sandrock was held on $150,000 bail and released yesterday. 

Upon searching his car, police found "an empty gun holster, live rounds of ammunition (.380 Fiocchi) latex gloves, black gloves, a knife, multiple masks similar to ones painters use, a black half-face mask, one 9mm ammunition round, an empty .22 caliber ammunition box, black rope; officers also found prescription medications (metazalone-800mg; oxycodone, fluoxetine – 40mg) and psychologist paperwork."

It seems that there is a price to fame, after all.

Swift plays Croke Park on June 15th and 16th