You might think that if you were ever going to impersonate or steal the identity of a famous person - not that we're condoning such activities, of course - you might aim for someone a little higher than 'the drummer from Nickelback'.

Not so for one man in Florida, however, who has been arrested for allegedly using the identity of Daniel Adair from the much-maligned rockers.

Lee Howard Koenig - who is himself a drummer - was arrested for attempting to purchase $25,000 worth of drum and musical equipment from an Austrian website.

After the transaction went through, it came to light after Adair was notified of the hefty bill by a business rep for Nickelback - and after some sleuthing, they uncovered Koenig's dastardly plan.

It's not yet known exactly how Koenig had such detailed information about Adair, but he faces two felony fraud-related charges for the alleged crime.