Roses, chocolates, champagne, love letters... all traditional ways of expressing your love for someone.

Robbing a bank and then flinging the stolen cash over someone's fence? Not quite as traditional.

That's what a 26-year-old man by the name of Bruce Rowley did, however, in a bid to impress Taylor Swift. Yes, that Taylor Swift.

Rowley has been charged with robbing a bank in Ansonia, Connecticut on April 4th. He then drove 60 miles to Swift's Rhode Island mansion, where he started throwing some of the $1,600 that he stole over her fence.

He was pursued by Rhode Island police and arrested in Connecticut, where he is due to be arraigned tomorrow.

No word yet on whether he succeeded in impressing the multi-millionaire global popstar with his stunt, but we're guessing that a cheque with a Blank Space might have done the job (sorry).