Lovers of 80s music will want to make a note in their diary for the release of 'A-ha: The Movie'.

Fresh off its biggest hit song 'Take On Me' crossing a billion views on Youtube, a documentary based on A-ha is getting worldwide distribution.

The feature doc began production in 2016 and follows the Norwegian snyth pop band over a period of four years.

According to Variety, it relates the story of how three young men became international pop stars. It also examines how their fame has evolved in modern times.

The premiere will be accompanied by a live-streaming event of never-before-seen footage from the band’s videos.

A-ha will also perform a concert in the Norwegian capital on November 28th.

Distributed internationally by Esther van Messel’s First Hand Films, the movie will be broadcast in theatres around the world on November 26th.

We'll know closer to the release date which Irish cinemas that will include. Otherwise we'll just have to book plane tickets to Germany, Switzerland, or somewhere else the flick will be showing.

The 'Take On Me' music video has averaged more than 480,000 daily views on Youtube so far in 2020.

No doubt those figures will rise even more as we edge towards the release of the doc.